All Payroll records at the Paycheckrecords portal, including those documenting periodic changes, work, pay status, and pay rates, must be kept in a separate file for each worker. You must also report any changes to employee wages and benefits, including employee support.


Written consent is required for the review of each employee’s salary, except for taxes and FICA guarantees. Also to officially administer by an individual.

Most companies maintain agent records on in a limited area and only allow access to people who may need to view them based on their status or location and find out which company employees can view relevant employee records.

Offered Services On Paycheckrecords

  • Easy access to information such as Paycheckrecords. Also, an employee can simply print this information.
  • The Paycheckrecords portal is also accessible through a mobile phone. Therefore, we can say that the portal is largely pocket-sized.
  • The Paycheckrecords portal offers the best customer service efficient enough to solve all kinds of problems in minutes.
  • is a secure site where a company’s employees and contractors can view and print their payroll online. The company or business must grant access to Paycheckrecords and add them to Intuit’s full-service payroll. The employee or contractor receives an email with a temporary username and password.


Paycheckrecords Customer Service

To contact the Paycheckrecords customer service team and respond, you can call 650-944-6000. Or email 2700 Coast Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043.

After visiting the official Paycheckrecords site, you can see the various articles and regular surveys that your agents have collected from your asset community. Make sure to find facts about any problems you may be facing.

Whether you need help managing your finances on the business side or you need to update your paychecks and schedule customer service on the specialist side, the site is sure to help you find it. You may even find that you don’t necessarily need to speak to a live support agent.