Paystub Check

The fastest way to find help from a live support specialist is to use the official Paycheckrecords registration platform. In this context, employees can understand the values โ€‹โ€‹of the company and, as administrative help, correct errors and seek advice immediately.


Take a look at the opening hours that every customer must respect on the Paycheckrecords registration platform. Visit the official website at to manage the relevant settings.

  • Create paychecks for workers.
  • Create the PMTOUT (PaymentPrint) file.
  • Run the FormatPaymentPrint method flow to replace the PMTOUT file with the CSV form.
  • On the Method Server Administrator page, click Schedule and then Process Description.
  • Create a trigger if it doesn’t exist.
  • Run the PaymentPrintImport procedure flow and verify if a trigger has been defined for the affected flow.
  • Make sure the “Show all employee salaries” operation has been completed correctly.
  • HCM mobile network providers can view all data records stored in the contract seal.

The reports generated are available in Infor Global HR and Talent Management at the following position: Admin> Services> Interface> Payment interface> Import documents.


If any errors are logged, edit them to make sure the payment drivers display correctly in the app. Documents can be transferred with the Delete all from the list operation.

View Your Paystubs:

This is a great way to view your pay stubs online at the official Check Records website Here are the instructions you need to copy:

First, go to the official Paycheckrecords login page.

Then you will see empty fields on the left, in which you need to enter your username and password in the fields provided. After entering your credentials on the Paycheckrecords login page, click the blue Login button below to access your account online. And check your incoming payments.

Right next to entering your access data and logging into the portal is the option “Stay logged in”, which is available directly above the “Login” button. You can click it so that your computer remembers your login information the next time you log in. Once connected, you can easily view and print your payment receipts.