The only reason the EEOC wants all employers to keep their Paycheckrecords for three years after the employee’s termination date is to investigate the plans if there is a problem with the Paycheckrecords. With readily accessible and readily available check registers, an employer can quickly resolve pay equity issues before the issue reaches brand reliability.


When an employee receives salary records that are stored in an HRIS, employers can store employee data and information that can be linked to those records. This can be helpful in asserting pay equity.

For example, if an employee claims that work hours were reduced due to the process, but the real reason was a production issue, it might be helpful to have documentation about the performance reviews on Paycheckrecords.com.

The Paycheckrecords login is an online portal that allows an employee of an association, as a legally obligated individual representative, to view the Paycheckrecords. This is a secure online record that you can access, view, and print your old pay stubs. Either way, your supervisor must confirm the change to this organization to find a cheap employee on paycheckrecords.com.


This organization is not yet open to permanent representatives of companies. You can reliably view and print your receipts 24 hours a day. This helpful article will teach you how to find a good pacing journal to view and print your old and overdue pay stubs.

Paycheck Records Employee Login Process

To access your Paycheckrecords, go to paycheckrecords.com and then follow the given steps and enter details:

  • The user ID
  • Your specific password
  • And then, click on the ‘Sign in’ button in blue.
  • You will be signed in.

In this discussion, we consider the process of registering and registering employees with paychecks. Paycheckrecords is a payroll website that allows individual employees and contractors to log into their secure accounts at www.paycheckrecords.com and view and print their current and past payroll. We hope you find this information helpful and if you have any questions please email or leave a comment.