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Active or permanent employees are responsible for all documents published or stored using the Paycheckrecords platform. You grant Intuit a worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to host and use content provided through your use of the Services. Employees often need to archive content.


Employees are responsible for lost or unrecoverable information on the Paycheckrecords portal. You must provide all necessary and appropriate relevant communications, information, and data. Intuit is not responsible for the content or data that you submit through the online portal.

These services can also be used on a compatible mobile device and internet access and may require software. Employees must agree that they apply only to those obligations, including applicable changes, updates, and fees, as well as the terms of their contract.

Paycheckrecords are proof of compensation owed by the employer (wages, time cards, hours, time off, bonuses, performance bonuses, etc.). Deductible for each employee not released.

There are federal laws about what to keep, how to keep Paycheckrecords, and for how long. Since record retention laws vary, it is recommended that all Paycheckrecords be retained in accordance with the Extended Retention Act.


Another thing to consider is how you store your Paycheckrecords. Some employers prefer the manual method of keeping paper files in a closed file, while others simplify the process with a secure document management system. Whatever your preferences, every business owner or HR team should have a secure and organized way of keeping Paycheckrecords.

To comply with labor and employment laws, employers must always maintain the privacy and confidentiality of personal files. Access to these documents should be limited to priority individuals who need them to fulfill their official functions (eg, managers, executives, HR, payroll).

In this discussion, we consider the process of registering and registering employees with Paycheckrecords. Paycheck Records is a payroll source website that allows individual employees and contractors to log into their secure accounts and view and print their current and past payroll. We hope you find this information helpful and if you have any questions please email or leave a comment.

You can get customer service support after logging in to the offiial Paycheckrecords portal,