PaycheckRecords helps contractors and employees stay up-to-date online and stay in touch with their paychecks. Remember, this is not limited to business owners. It is in progress at this time.



As an employer, you cannot send the invitation email every time to report current payroll. Once you have an account with Paycheckrecords, you no longer need to check your inbox. Because you can access your payroll from the Check Registers window in your control panel. login is a site where your contractors and operators can view your evidence online. Additional payroll data can be retrieved by adding the employee to the full Intuit service or receiving payment at a later date.

  • At, click on the Employees tab.
  • Click on the operator’s name.
  • Go to the Payment records section.
  • Click on ‘Edit’.
  • Select View payment receipt online.
  • Enter the employee’s email address.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Full payroll credentials for and Intuit are linked.
  • If the employee is already set up as the second user in the Paycheckrecords account, skip the next step.


Before creating a PaycheckRecords account, I recommend that you contact Intuit using a support number or email address. They will send you complete instructions on how to create a temporary account and credentials.

After visiting the official Paycheckrecords login site, you can see the various articles and regular surveys that your agents have collected from your asset community. Make sure to find facts about any problems you may be facing.

Whether you need help managing your finances on the business side or you need to update your Paycheckrecords and schedule customer service on the specialist side, the site is sure to help you find it. You may even find that you don’t necessarily need to speak to a live support agent.

When an organization uses group administration software, an employee’s salary documents begin the first time they write a wage for that agent. In most arrangements, the time and support tracking characteristic automatically send data to the payment system.